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RepairBug is one of its kind. Our software has been designed with the help of real-life phone and computer repairers, who work in shops, therefore they know what a repair shop really needs. All the features in the software are carefully designed and well-tested features with proven benefits. We are constantly working on RepairBug to make it even better, we are adding new features regurarly. 


RepairBug know what you want. It also knows what to do. Intelligent automatic status chnages, automatic customer and staff notifications, intelligent quick search, saved templates and so on, the feature list is too long for this section. RepairBug will be your best staff member. 

Works on anything

RepairBug is absolutely platform independent, which means the software is able to work on any platforms in any major browsers such as Mozilla or Chrome. RepairBug runs perfectly on different platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and other well known operating systems. 

Unlimited users

We don't limit the number of users. Each location (shops) can have unlimited users assigned. This means, you only have to pay one license, even if you have 10 computers on that location with 20 different users. Simple as that. 

Designed by repairers

RepairBug is the only phone and computer repair software on the market that has been designed with the help of real-life repair technicians and shop staff. We have tested the software in real life repair shop environment on a daily basis. We know what a repair shop needs. And our software design team has done amazing work.


Unlike other similar software, RepairBug is lightweight and lightning fast. We don't use fancy graphics or heavy formatting, so the software can focus on important things, such as supporting your work fast, and efficiently. 

Simple dashboard

If you have one or more shops, you know how important it is to see how they perform. Our simplified dashboard gives you information about your shop performance second by second. You can check this on you phone on any mobile device.


Fast search

Search results appear as you are typing. We know very well, time is money. This is why we have focused on developing the best search engine on the repair software market. Looking up a customer or a repair with RepairBug can be done in a matter of seconds. Try it yourself, you won't be disappointed. 


Quick add repair

With RepairBug, adding a new repair is a matter of seconds. We made the whole process fun and easy. You can add a new repair on your desktop computer, mobile phone or any smart mobile device. 

Repair Bug |ADD REPAIR

Other features

general features include Point of Sale module, intelligent reports, automatic notifications, stock module, End of Shift module, access levels and more. 

Repairbug - POS System


Repairbug - Powerful report


Repairbug - Email


Repairbug - Stock Manager


Repairbug - End of Day Closing


Repairbug - Access Level


General features

  • Platform independent works on anything 
  • Single or multi-store mode
  • Can handle simple business or franchise model
  • Intelligent & automatic SMS/email notifications
  • Lightweight but very powerful
  • QuickSearch feature
  • Designed by actual repairers
  • Intuitive and smart 
  • No training needed
  • Marketing features
  • Pre-loaded device database
  • Pre-loaded prices database
  • Database import/export feature

Repair module features

  • Quick add repair jobs
  • Intelligent search engine
  • Automatic SMS/email notifications
  • Automatic status updates
  • Pre-loaded device database
  • Pre-loaded price database
  • Add photo function
  • Contract and repair summary receipts
  • Warranty jobs
  • Parts used records
  • Repair history 

POS module features

  • Quick search products (like Google) 
  • Previous sales
  • Write-off products
  • Discounts
  • Refund & exchange
  • Gift cards & store credit
  • Expenses features
  • Product pictures
  • Staff activity tracking
  • Customer notifications

Stock module features

  • Innovative and simplified design
  • Quick search products (like Google)
  • Staff activity tracking
  • Quick add items
  • Invoice arrivals
  • Detailed stock page
  • Stocktake feature
  • Stock transfer feature
  • Wish List feature
  • Write off feature
  • Automatic email and SMS notifications

Prices module features

  • Innovative and simplified 
  • Check prices quickly
  • Add, edit and delete prices
  • Bulk edit prices
  • Detailed price page
  • Prices changes by location

Reports module features

  • Innovative and simplified reports
  • Instant results
  • A new way of seeing reports
  • Dynamic reports
  • Staff reports
  • Export functions
  • And much more

Get in touch

  • Phone (07) 3392 0995
  • Email: click here
  • AU OFFICE: 148 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba, QLD, AUSTRALIA
  • USA OFFICE: 1057 Halletts Peak Pl, Lawrenceville, GA 30044-0103, USA 

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